Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory

Nickel and Wood


And the bombs are droppin all around me
And the government’s gone too far
And the people are worried ‘bout smoking
And still I play guitar

And the righteous are tryin to change things
But their soul just can’t reach that far
And they arrive at the damndest imaginings
And still I play guitar

And the girls are all looking away now
Cause they all got their bruises, got their scars
And at last they got something to say now
And still I play guitar

And the people who used to love music
Have all fallen in love with themselves
And no matter how much they wanna use me
I ain’t putting no guitar on no shelf

And the kings and queens of all the money
Are all sayin how life is so good
But it ain’t got nothing to compare to
An arm full of nickel and wood


Nickel and wood are two of the main ingredients of a guitar …
however, a guitar is not born until it is played.

The song speaks of the virtue of playing guitar versus the pursuit of wealth.

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