Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory

I'll Take My Freedom My Way


Goin down it won’t be long, and I’m done with hangin around
Can’t stand this waitin around for the Government to fix it
Media is tellin us a story, about power, power and glory
Get’s real god damn boring, ain’t gonna wait

I’ll take my freedom, my way

White coat drug boys, takin from the real boys, causin death
Snow job, smokin from the corn cob, of who knows best
Blood stained, media satin sheets, call the bluff
They succeeded, in pissin me off, and I’ve had enough

I’ll take my freedom, my way

I can’t stand they can’t realize, what’s at stake
Some of us get it, the other’s gonna die
I ain’t gonna wait
I’ll let my free will, decide my fate

I’ll take my freedom, my way, it’s mine all mine

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