Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory

3 Days In


I’m in the loneliest place I’ve ever been
Friend says “Listen, got a new face to let you in”
Spend a few hours get to know a new found friend
Take down the towers of the pain and the sin

And of the days of tranquility and the ignorance of bliss
Based on the power of the days that are better than this
Confusion hidden in the thrust of a basic need
Take advantage of the power and the rule of the greed


3 Days in, and I find myself locked in
3 Days in, and I know just what to do
3 Days in, and I know there’s about to be a sin committed
3 Days in, and I gotta get out

Then come the days of history repeated
Second thoughts lead to new hope for tomorrow
Summer waves of a new found passion like never before
Speak of days of hope and tranquility

Spirit soars and finds hurt and pain and throws it away
Reality distorts but message is through and it’s ok
God is smiling and the sun feels warm on my skin
But hope is dying, cause there’s no place to live within



Reflections of an awakening.

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