Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory

Can't Take The Years



The years have come and gone
So loud, so sweetly
Seems like the crowd has gone
Through the exit door, discreetly
We played the band so proud and free
And now my God is standin next to me

It’s time to go, I’m goin home


And I’m swimmin in a sea of loneliness
And I’m washin away in a pool of sweet regress
Oh, echos of the past, they comfort me
Cause you can’t take the years from me
And youth will pass away for all to see
But you can’t take the years from me

We’ve loved for always and forever
The truth in the music
And we’ve tried so desperately
To find the best way to use it
Good times have come and gone
Now I know it won’t be too long

I’m goin home, I’m goin home



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