Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory

Wiped Out


I’ve done up the day, day gone out
Livin with day junkie makes jones go down
I’ve done all your get up, I’m on about stuff
But no, no, no, no you take my mojo

Doug is on about on, don’t stop the flow
I own what I own, it’s my zone oh don’t take it for your own
You got your own
Take it to own for yourself
Believe whatcha got and don’t give me that line, line, line

Slow down all the getcha, it’s gonna getcha
She’ll come to getcha, come around ‘round ya
Cause what ever you’re on, on about on
Gonna keep count, zoom the roof down on you’re dumb, dumb, dumb
Oh, you know whatcha put out, you own whatcha got
And you own whatcha brought down (good luck)
Doug is done with the pot luck and on with the show
Don’t forget so don’t give me that line, line, line

Wiped out

Sure the bang of the go town, won’t know when you go down
You’re the butt of belief a huh, rubadub all pain all day all night
All the faith gone blind
Stick is done so don’t give me that line, line, line

Wiped out


Originally jammed with a scat vocal … lyrics were later painfully added to imitate vowels and
consonants of original scat … story line pertains to relationship of naivety (see definitions)

Day Junkie: Person with day job … unenlightened … white … spoiled … naive
Jones: In this case … in a good light … jones would be the stuff good songs are made of
Mojo: This time meaning spirit and good vibe
Pot luck: Multi-meanings too numerous to mention
Bang of the go town: The perceived cool friends … turning out to be fair weather at best
The butt of belief: The use of the female body’s anchor point as a justification for all actions
and also as a definition of self worth
Rubadub all pain all day all night: Soulless sex
All faith gone blind: Result of soulless sex
Stick: Sucker … me

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