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Musicman 130


I’m a musicman 130, Ibaneze all night long
I’m a musicman 130, that leslie is where I belong

6CA7 is where it’s gotta be
You know it is the good stuff, you know it is the key
U.S. big bottle is where it’s gotta start
And when I hit the throttle, I’m a fat man at heart
I’m a musicman 130

I’m a musicman 130, I got the amp that came from God
I’m a musicman 130, I got the amp with all the songs

Hats off to Leo, he made this one to last
Way too much for some guys, for some it is too fast
You know it is the real thing, got em on the run
Crankin up that feelin, ammunition for my gun
I’m a musicman 130


In celebration of my rig:
Musicman 130
Ibanez Artist
(see definitions)

Musicman 130: Musicman HD 130 … best guitar amplifier ever made
Ibanez artist: My guitar … sounded better after it tumbled down a set of concrete stairs
twice in one night
Leslie: Originally designed for use with Hammond organ … adapted for use with guitar
and used as an integral part of my rig since 1970
6ca7: Made by Sylvania, these tubes are the only ones that have “The” sound … bullet proof
U.S. Big bottle: Refers to the short fat construction of the 6ca7
“Hit he throttle”: Turn up my guitar
“Fat man”: Lover of 6ca7 big bottle tubes
“Hats off to Leo”: If you don’t know who Leo Fender is … stop reading this

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