Doug Jenson and the Feel Kings - String Theory



Why are you draggin me down
With your sick politics
Ah for whose sake, smooth like a snake
More than any human being can take

B verse:

You can’t swallow your pride with a pill that you stole
It’s a fact you can’t hide from the soul that you took
That you don’t own no more
Oh get out off our way

Why are you slappin me down
When there’s no way to save your life anyway
Ya, you been cut by the cake knife in the jugular vein
Oh, takin one more life would be insane

B verse:


You’re a fellman, like a tree in the forest
Fellman, ya you clear cut till it’s all gone
Fellman, no, no more trouble from you now
Fellman, all fall down, all fall down

Why can’t you see what you’re doin to me
Is no good for you, even if we lose we win
Ya, what will happen to your evil grin then

B verse:



The bittersweet success of a battle won against oligarchs who
would clear-cut and thereby destroy the music business.

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